Do you know what an intelligent power supply is like for mobile repairing?

Sunshine, with 20 years’ mobile repairing experience, has taken the lead in the cellphone repair industry and put forward a first-aid solution for mobile phone repairs.

Harry, a mechanic who has engaged in mobile repairing industry for 10 years, contacted us through Facebook and asked us for solution. “The data shown by the power supply I use now is not precise enough and sometimes great current and voltage cause damage. It costs me a lot to repair my customer’s phone.” said Harry. We then recommend this new model to Harry.

First of all, this DC power supply has 5 built-in user programmable preset parameter. With this function data would be stored when power off. Users can preset 5 parameter groups which help them alter rapidly rather than adjust one by one every time. It’s time-saving and efficient. In addition, there are two highly reliable function OCP and OVP. OCP means over current protection; OVP means over voltage protection. Preset data then the machine will stop supplying power once current or voltage is overload. It could also prevent from exceeding the threshold. Users are free from any worries about damaging cellphones. What’s more, the required voltage and current are accurately generated. Keyboard lock would prevent any faulty during operation.

One week later, Harry came to us again and took several pieces for his friends. “This product is good. There are some functions that my old one didn’t have. It provides me with precise data and protect the phone when I repairing. The 5 parameter storage function make me even more efficient because as I repair more phones one day I have different demands for current and voltage when repairing, this power supply can alter quickly from one parameter storage to another. It help me a lot.” We are glad and grateful to hear Harry say so. Acknowledgement from customers is one of the things that drive us moving forward. “Things change rapidly today, I think I should catch up with the development and replace my tools with some new items.” said Harry.

Sunshine will keep on putting forward practical and creative items.

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Originally published 10 Apr 2018, updated 10 Apr 2018.

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