Sunshine mobile phone repair tools pursuits far more professional

Sunshine, a leading cellphone repair toolssupplier, keep putting forward solutions for mobile phone repairs. It meets the demands for different cellphone problems with more professional tools.

For new learners in mobile phone repairing industry, a useful tool would help them a lot. John just finished his courses in a training school and starts his own business in a small cell phone repair shop.While recently he got some troubles. “I’m not as professional as those experienced mechanics now, I can’t get a suitable temperature when operating, cause my solder ironcould not show me what the temperature exactly is at the moment.” Well, it seems really inconvenient. Users could not know the temperature is going up or down. But we have SS-928D to solve this problem. It has a display to show you the temperature. Different from other portable solder irons, this product is temperature adjustable. In addition, there’s a lock to fix one temperature when it’s needed and fault operation could be avoided.

“I know what temperature is suitable for repairing certain problems of phones now. The degree it shows is precise. This solder iron heat up quickly. It takes only a few seconds to reach over three hundred degree.” John later tell us. Actually, the ceramic heating elementhelp it better conducts heat. That’s what makes it different from others.

It’s customers’ feedback that help us better develop and upgrade products. Sunshineis glad to develop together with our customers.

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Originally published 27 Apr 2018, updated 27 Apr 2018.

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