High Lever Microscope of Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

A microscopeis an optical instrument consisting of a lens or a combination of several lenses. It is a sign of human beings entering the atomic age. It is mainly used to enlarge tiny objects and become a device that human eyes can see.

Microscopes can be classified into microscopic principles for polarizing microscopy, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and digital microscopy.

The cell phone repair industry generally uses electron microscopes and optical microscopes.

Let's take a look at Sunshine's optical microscope

SZM1490-B8SL Zoom Stereo Microscope

1. Superior optical component with special cladding layer, to provide high quality optical image. It satisfies phone's motherboard repairingand could be used in modern biology, medicine, scientific research and modern electronic industry online testing. This microscope also satisfy other science technology industry which requires high precision.

2. 14-90X zoom,angling eye lens to 45 degrees. Binocular visibility could be adjusted to ensure clear enough image for different eyesights.

3. Double light source designed, double adjustment buttons to adjust brightness at will.

4. 110V-240V wide voltage designed. Adapt to different counties.

5. Metal universal tube, bendable at will, flexibly adjust the height and direction.

Microscope maintenance

1. Imitation of moisture If the interior is wet, the optical lenses are prone to mildew and fog.

2. Imitation corrosion microscope can not be placed together with corrosive chemicals

3. The purpose of imitating heat is mainly to avoid opening and detachment of the lens due to thermal expansion and contraction.

4. Do not touch sharp objects

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Originally published 28 Apr 2018, updated 28 Apr 2018.

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