Good mobile phone repair tool to remove IC.

The easy-to-use tool is to solve your troubles. The demolition IC tool recommended today is to allow us to use only adisassemble toolto solve your various IC removal problems. Whether you need to press, rake, cut, split, or shovel, scrape, hook or cut, only he can cooperate.

In themobile phone repair tool industry,we have a wide range of ICs that are constantly growing in size. As the precision of mobile phones becomes higher and higher, the demand for mobile phone repair tools is also increasing. As aSUNSHINE mobile phone repair toolfor the development of the maintenance tool industry, we have been working hard to provide better tools for maintenance engineers. One of them is ourSUNSHINE 101A IC PRY KNIFE.

Prior to this, we had produced similar tools and other brands of the same type of products according to the needs of the maintenance technicians. Then one day, my customer asked me, I would like to choose which kind of tool is better? Because the blade shape of the tool is not the same, we must meet the different needs of themaintenance masterso we can only tell the customer that both of your customers can use it and which one is needed. But now with the SUNSHINE 101A IC PRY KNIFE, it isequippedwith 27 different blades that can meet all the requirements of the maintenance master, demolition, pick, hook, shovel and so on. With it, you have the world, hahaha.

Tag: Herramientas de mantenimiento

Originally published 17 May 2018, updated 17 May 2018.

Práctica y divertida herramienta para quitar cristales

22 Jun 2021

Aplicable para el desmontaje y reparación del módulo de lentes de la serie IP8-12 Pro Max y otras cubiertas traseras de vidrio para teléfonos móviles.

¡Nuevo miembro! Se acerca la estación de calefacción 6 en 1

22 Jun 2021

Estación de calentamiento en capas de placa base M6 6 en 1, adecuada para la serie IPX-11, para satisfacer sus necesidades de mantenimiento.

intercambio libros intercambio amor

18 Jun 2021

2021, Sunshine, ¡trae excelentes herramientas para usuarios globales!


12 Jun 2021

2021, Sunshine, ¡trae excelentes herramientas para usuarios globales!

Un artefacto que satisface todas las películas de teléfonos móviles

11 Jun 2021

Un artefacto que satisface todas las películas de teléfonos móviles.

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