Mobile Phone repair Tools to lengthen life of mobile phone

Sunshine for mobile phone maintenance.Founded in 1998, 19 years, has focused on the mobile phone repair tools field, from scratch, from have to strong, as the world's leading mobile phone repair tools one-stop service platform, the business scope of radiation more than 60 countries and regions around the world, the service end users for more than 30 m, up to 10 categories of orders, more than 1000 kinds of products, covering all kinds of mobile phone repair process tooling needs.

QUICK TS1100 is an intelligent lead-free soldering table.


1. Ergonomics;

2. Touch switch;

3. Automatic identification;

4. Automatic dormancy;

5. Software switch machine;

6. Automatic shutdown;

7. Password locking;

8. fast return temperature;

9. ℃ / ℉ switch;

10.The ESD test;

QUICK TS1100 power can reach 90W, full touch design, support timing dormancy, anti-static ESD design.

QUICK TS1100 appearance:

The touch button is beautiful, waterproof, easy to operate and long life. Power line split type design, with special earthing connection cable, independent host power switch.

Brand new upgraded iron frame: with a nice configuration and removable, add 4 soldering iron head jack, and deliver high temperature cleaning sponge.In line with the new intelligent handle of ergonomics, the overall length of the welding pen is shortened, which is more comfortable and suitable for precision welding.

Application scope: industrial grade, electronic current account, scientific research, home appliance repair, electronic maintenance, electrician, electronic technology enthusiast, electronic college teacher teaching and student skills training necessary.

There is a maintenance teacher use the QUICK TS1100 after the soldering pen, fondle admiringly, amway gave many of his peers, now they are using the QUICK TS1100 used for maintenance, customers also trust their technology.

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Originally published 02 Apr 2018, updated 02 Apr 2018.

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Aplicable para el desmontaje y reparación del módulo de lentes de la serie IP8-12 Pro Max y otras cubiertas traseras de vidrio para teléfonos móviles.

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Estación de calentamiento en capas de placa base M6 6 en 1, adecuada para la serie IPX-11, para satisfacer sus necesidades de mantenimiento.

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2021, Sunshine, ¡trae excelentes herramientas para usuarios globales!


12 Jun 2021

2021, Sunshine, ¡trae excelentes herramientas para usuarios globales!

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Un artefacto que satisface todas las películas de teléfonos móviles.

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