Mobile phone repairing tool-0.5 objective len

As we all know, microscope is a necessary product in mobile phone repairing tools, especially when repairing the motherboard. But do you know how to lessen stress and increase the comfort when using the microscope for a long time. It is necessary for us to look for such an important product.SUNSHINE was founded in 1998, which is specialized in #mobilephonerepairtools for 20 years and with professional, complete, high quality product category. With 20 years experiences and development, SUNSHINE has taken an important role in mobile phone repair tools >industry so that can provide a first-aid packet for this line.

0.5 objective len

Fixed forstereo microscope, can increase the visual filed and working distance.

Nicolas often comes and shares us some experience with his customers. He's now running a shop in a market that sells >cellphone accessories and repairing tools in Manchester. "Customers sometimes will have bad comment on microscopes" he said, "Everytime when customers come to my shop for >microscope, I will show them how it works and make it perfectly clear. However, sometimes they won't buy because there's no space for operating." Well, we've encountered similar problems. Customers really love it, but they will give up due to such a shortage. What a shame! But now all things are just pieces of cake. The 0.5X >objective lens enables you enough space for soldering or using hot air gun. There would be about 10cm more for operation if the lens is installed. "What' more, my customer says he feels more comfortable when using and his neck won't be tired." Nicolas said.

SUNHSINE, born for >mobile phone repairing, the choice of a new generation.

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Originally published 08 Apr 2018, updated 08 Apr 2018.

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2021, Sunshine, ¡trae excelentes herramientas para usuarios globales!

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