QUICK 2008 – the most popular mobile phone repair tools

GuangZhou SunshineElectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Sunshine , born for mobile repair. founded in 1998, has been focused onmobile phone repairtools for more than 20 years .One of the earliest companies engaged in the development ofmobile phone repairparts and tools. Have a strong product development team and experienced sales team and has established scientific and standardized management system as well as service system. Sunshine is a reliable " one shop" purchasing window with sincere, warm, efficient and professional service.

Here is thepopularmachine to repair the Motherboard

High Class Quick 2008 Smd Hot Air Blower Soldering Gun ForRepair Cellphone

1. Large power and rapid heating. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted and the temperature is accurate and stable, and not affected by airflow.

2. Stepless airflow adjusting with a wide range. Temperature can be conveniently adjusted.

3. Sensitive electromagnetic inductor in handle ensures the unit beginning working immediately so long as the handle is held. When handle is put on the holder, the system will return back to standby mode. Easy to use.

4. Automatic cooling system can increase the life of heating element and protect the unit.

5. Compact unit takes up little space on the workbench.

6. With long life brushless blower and the noise is small.

Next I share with everyone from mytraining collegewith a client. All equipment is using our QUICK 2008

Very easy to use, suitable for mass students, simple operation, high cost performance

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Originally published 14 May 2018, updated 14 May 2018.

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