Sunshine Tools' Annual Ceremony

Long-prepared annual celebration finally came!

February 8, the 20th anniversary of Sunshine Tools

and Spring Gala was wonderful blooming.

Laughter and moving surrounding us.

There were brilliant programs showing

the versatility of Sunshine people.

Every partner who standed on the stage

was the most shining star.

Blessed scene Implied health

and harvest of the coming year!

CEO Mr.Lin always fully affirmed

in his welcome speech that

customers and supply chain partners

giving strong supports for Sunshine Tools

as well as the hard work of Sunshine family.

The growth of Sunshine Tools can not

realized without everyone's

supports and hard works.

Lin made a wonderful summary

and sharing at the annual meeting.

"A thousand words could not

enough to express - Thanksgiving

Happiness and dreams need - struggle

Spring Festival we sent you best - blessing"

Of course, there were exciting annual

awards and lucky draws in ceremony.

2018 Sunshine encouraged employees.

Prize were particularly attractive.

Sunshine comany has sent out prize:

iPhone 8 Plus


High-grade rice cookers

High-end four-pieces

Cash draws and so on.

Awards Celebration

Loyalty Award

3 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years

Staff loyalty award winners accounted

for the company's staff number 1/3

Sunshine is grateful for you accompany!

We arrive here step by step!

Sales Award

Including team awards and personal awards,

Actively explore the market.

You are always the best!

Excellence Award

Being excellent is an habbit.

Your actions prove your worth.

Do the best work and get success.

Year-end awards

Every Sunshine person

has received a generous year-end awards

which is rewarded their hard working

Great Performance

"Twenty years of brilliant celebration" recitation

Sunshine people are united

Any difficulty can not stop

our pace of progress

Wonderful sketch "Blinding Dates"

was comedy and funny.

Male and female anti-string drama

attracted audience screaming

Dance "good time"

Usually quiet colleagues brought wonderful

Full of dynamic, wild publicity dance

Self-singing "girl"

Special ear guitar sound and singing

Bring young people's romantic feelings

Finally,the celebration ended with

"Believe we will create miracles"

Sunshine people never give up.

This spirit and all-out attitude

create a miracle that belongs to Sunshine.

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Originally published 10 Feb 2018, updated 10 Feb 2018.

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