Excelente mantenimiento de teléfonos celulares proveedor, Sunshine.
Excelente mantenimiento de teléfonos celulares proveedor, Sunshine.

With the wide popularization of smart phones, phone repairing tools rely on phone repairing whole industry (including phones after-sale market and Second-hand refurbishment market). Phone repairing quantity is increasing sharply, and there are more and more factories, merchants and online businesses entering this industry. That's the current situation of phone repairing business.

Next, I want to share my opinions and communicate with you about Sunshine supply chain of phone repairing tools.

Sunshine, born for mobile repair. Our company was founded in1998, and we focus on phone maintaining area for 19 years, continually enrich range of product and strengthen our brand. As a global leading one-stop service platform on mobile phone maintain, our business has been reached more than 60 countries and regions, reaching more than 300,000 service end clients and the range of product arrive 10 categories with totally more than 1000 products including all kind of tool demands during repairing the phone.

Question1: Do we produce all of these tools by ourselves?

The answer is "no". Sunshine sells so many kinds of products, including software, hardware and IESM which needs hundreds of factories of different types. It is impossible to manufacture all of these products. So far there is no enterprise yet who owns self-support production capacity of such industry chain, nor as Sunshine. Except remaining FPC flex manufacturing capability and so on, Sunshine choose to cooperate with the industry leading factories on integration and production. We focus on product front end--research, design and exploitation and its after end--quality control and service. For example, in the category of soldering and rework station, we choose to cooperate with famous international brand "Quick Soldering" while we cooperate with world leading Germany factory"Loctite" in glue series. However, Sunshine is established in platform construction and running brand, and we promise to supply every client with products of best quality by strong support. We strictly select first-class factories, make OEM and ODM order to them to supply all needed products of phone repairing industry. Only we cooperate with the high-class or maybe the ranking first factories, can we promise reliability, high quality and innovation of products. This is how Sunshine select manufacturing sources and position itself.

Question2: What's different between platform and buy-and-export business?

Sunshine concentrates on industry platform construction and brand running. We carry on every programme in the principle of marketization according to strict and scientific programme management system from feasibility research, project approval, exploitation, test running to putting into production. All of our efforts are aiming to run every programme smoothly. As running product, we honor user's requirement-oriented principle, and make sure that every product satisfy user demands. Every product goes through the route of programme initiated, designed, proofing, modified, confirming, tooling model, small scale to volume production. And we professionally grasp product cycle and iteration to meet market demands. As for promotion, Sunshine carefully plans packages, posters designed, usage videos, advertising and on/off-line promotion. With great investment on promotion resources, we want our products known to every repairing man. Sunshine treats products as his children, well-develop and aim to serve. Therefore, Sunshine is totally different to those buy-and-export business that could never create differentiation, optimization and servitization. They doom to face fierce competition and hard to survive, let alone brand development and creation of value. That's what business pattern Sunshine chooses and positions.

Question3: How to distinguish Sunshine to cooperative factories in value system?

In recent years, more and more branding business follow development pattern of European and American business. They especially focus on research and development of front end as well as service of after end. They invest core resources especially human resources on these 2 sides and transfer manufacturing part to professional factories. For example, Apple, Adidas Uniqlo, and etc. these companies all choose asset-light pattern with fab-lite, research and promotion focused style. Phone repairing tools involve so many production fields and complicated manufacturing steps; besides, different products series need different production equipment and technological process, which make it impossible for a single factory to provide all kinds of tools set. And this is why Sunshine decide to perform gradual transition to learn advanced management and running pattern from global brand. Focus on strong point of ourselves. Thanks to this strategy adjustment, Sunshine has great transformation.

Meanwhile, it gonna be a labor division in the future. Every specific industry should be professional and focused on their main point. For example, manufacturers should keep finding a way to raise produce efficiency and quality, and lower their wastage as well as optimize manufacturing technique. Only if they devoted themselves to manufaturing, their product could be of best quality and composite cost would be most competitive. Foxconn is an outstanding manufacture performer in this way. As a platform and brand operator, our daily job is to understand user demands and decrease product shortage. We want to serve our client better in all the way and promote our best product in a faster and more efficient way. It is our duty to focus on user experience and service, therefore we can respond to market faster and known our clients better. Nowadays, many companies or factories fail to run their business because they don't understand the fact--"You can't have your cake and eat it". They want to control all the links of products and mix their key competitive point. We all have limited energy and we should put it into our most professional point. That's why we call for openness and cooperation, and it would be a mainstream in the future. Sunshine's core value and positioning is to keep open and cooperative. And it makes Sunshine develop well together with its supply chain in many years past.

Question4: How does Sunshine consider and select cooperative partners among tens of thousands factories?

19 years ago, Sunshine began its business from software and equipment development, and after that Sunshine opened its own relative factory. So this company has gone through promotion to manufacturing and then to platform and brand operating. With rich experience of business management and running factory, Sunshine develops cooperative culture that is suitable for its situation. It has a normative system concerning factory audit and evaluation which includes raw material test, production and processing level, quality control, special produce techniques, employee quality and etc. Sunshine select its factories that strictly follow ISO9000 quality control system and 6s on-site management standard and makes progress together with factories to arrive deep cooperation.

Question5: How does Sunshine manage factories to promise quality of products since Sunshine has so many cooperative factories?

Sunshine build quality control standard of its products and create data base of every product includes design file, sample, BOM bill, package message, test and acceptance standard and so. We will analyse these data periodically to improve our quality. Purchasing center and R&D department will give regular appraisal and make unscheduled inspection tour of factories. Sunshine will make continuous efforts to promise reliable products.

Question6: How Sunshine provides great after-service of all kinds of products?

It is hard to arrive no customer complaint at all. Electronic product could not avoid every quality question. Sunshine has built strong after-sale services centre. There are full-time services to trace after-sale products and promise to respond to clients at first time. This is the important part that would influence public appraisal on our brand, and we would like to gain approval and repeat purchase from our clients.

Question7: More and more domestic and overseas clients choose to cooperate with Sunshine tools, why?

Sunshine has clear product position, devoted industry will and scientific management pattern. Clients suppports and approval has made our brand much more influential and strong. Phone repairing tools have too many types update very soon. To face the situation, Sunshine's one-stop platform is more and more popular and approved, user could find all kinds of phone repairing resources very quickly with great convenient according to Sunshine platform. So we provide repairing product set or even the whole repairing tools demand scheme for clients. Overseas clients cooperate with Sunshine by operating flagship or outlet shop with Sunshine's all-dimensional service. Our unique one-stop mode and oversea flagship is welcome by our cooperative partner. This way of cooperation bring us win-win performance, we all want this result.

Question8: What's Sunshine vision for future?

Sunshine would spare no pains to build global leading one-stop service platform of repairing tools. And we will participate deeply in supply chain factories development and construction by more resource supports including capital, product, management and technology support. We will reach more high quality products and insist on providing best product with most competitive price for phone repairing industry. 2018 is coming, and we would like to make our efforts to combine with our user, cooperative partners and employees. Wish a great future for repairing industry.

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Originally published 08 Dec 2017, updated 08 Dec 2017.

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