Mantenimiento de teléfonos, herramientas, no es difícil

The answer is "no".

There were 1.5 billion smart phones sold last year, which means great oppotunity for phone repairing industry.

As a basic equiment of phone repairing, microscope play more and more important role of gainning profits. But people wants to know more about microscope. Microscopes always look similar in their appearance, but the prices are so different. Maybe I could provide some imformation of microscope to you.

In phone repairing industry, there are electron microscope and stereomicroscope.

As it is clearly showed in the picture, electron microscope could see objective on a screen while stereomicroscope needs to see it through eye lens. Due to longer working distance and better third dimension effect, stereomicroscope is popular used in phone repairing industry.

01 About magnification

Magnification times= eye lens * objective lens

Stereomicrosope has 2 types of objective lens, one of which is continual zooming, the other is fixed zooming. The continual zooming is much more convinient, and clear show the objective the whole processing. Therefore, they are the first choice of daily repairing. Besides, experience repairing men all know there is a accessory to increase the distance between lens and foundation called "narrowing objective len".

02 Microscope material

It takes long time to repair CPU or flex, so we need to choose more confortable microscope to avoid visual fatigue. The secre is to distinguish lens quality of microscope and choose the large vision of lens.

03 Microscope Base

The moving of microscope is very important during phone repairing and the key is on the base and the holder of microscrope. The prices differ from less than 100RMB to several thousands according to their functions.

04 Eletron microscope

We all want to choose the high quality and high speed image. You can refer to the pixels (like 1080P) the larger of which, the image would be clearer. The imaging speed depends on frame rates (like 60fps), high speed imaging would give you a fluent screen display. There are BNC\VGA\HDMI\USB ports, and if any screen has the same port, then it can link to eletron microscope.

05 Trinocular microscope

If you use only one eye to obsever objective, ytou would be tired soon. And what's worse, it may cause poor eyesight. So it is a wise choice to use binocular microscope since it could even gain third dimension and more details with less unpleasant feeling. And if this microscope could link to additional screen, it becomes a trinocular microscope.

High quality module combination of Sunshine and excellent optical performance make SZM45T-B1 the best choise of phone repairing.

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Originally published 30 Nov 2017, updated 30 Nov 2017.

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