China Mobile Technology Forum

March 27 and 28th in 2018, China Mobile Maintenance Technology Exchange - Lingnan Forum Held at Guangzhou Haiyue Grand Hotel. It is known that this meeting gathered a number of experts and talents in the industry, conducted a carnival celebration of mobile phone repair technology sharing.

The meeting mainly discussed the maintenance skills of Apple's mobile phones, especially the IPHONE7, IPHONE X and other latest maintenance technology of motherboard and circuid and other exciting sharing, which is technical brainstorming for mechanics. In the conference everyone exchange their opinions on the industry's future and development trends. Thoughts have been brought forward, such as data management and innovative management. It can be seen that everyone is full of confidence and expectation in the mobile phone repair industry.

The founder of Menma Communication and Elite Mobile Phone Repair Training School, conducted wonderful maintenance and innovative thinking to share business ideas.

Teacher Tao from Guangzhou explained the solution to the IPHONE X problem. There were many wonderful speeches at the conference, which brought an unparalleled experience to the participants and will not be enumerated here.

Zhang Xiongbin, the director of domestic business of Sunshine Tools, and Xiao Zou, the business elite, were invited to participate in the meeting. They actively communicated and discussed with the industry's partners and friends. The development concept and product positioning of Sunshine tools were recognized and supported by its peers.

The conference was a complete success. Sunshine tools wishes everyone a prosperous business and earn a lot of money!

Tag: Herramientas de mantenimiento

Originally published 31 Mar 2018, updated 31 Mar 2018.

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