SUNSHINE Hong Kong Electronic Expo

In April 18-21, Sunshine is participating in Hong Kong Electronics Fair. During these two days, Our booth has received hundreds of buyers in cellphone repair industry and gains lots of attention and appreciation.

SUNSHINE employees are busy but enjoyable introducing new products to our guests. Our product S-909 is chosen as Analyst’s choice in this Fair, and this shows our creativity of products. We keep soul of high quality and developed tools with professional and criticized attitude.

We have met many clients that’s nice and humorous, all of them are also professional and easy-going, it’s really lucky to meet them. During the Fair, we also use live video on Facebook, which attacts hundreds of repair fans. In the live, people who could not attend the fair could see the live situation of the fair and feel in gaged in it, we show our fans how to repair a broken screen with our laminating and debubble machines. And we also give interviewed of some of live buyers and gains quite a lot joy and acceptance. Always to try the new and put attention on customers is our goal.

Many of our regular clients comes to support Sunshine in live, they are very helpful and keep one mind with Sunshine. Thank you very much, Sunshine loves you, we are always grateful for this.

Tag: Herramientas de mantenimiento

Originally published 21 Apr 2018, updated 21 Apr 2018.

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SUNSHINE Hong Kong Electronic Expo

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